Thursday, October 15, 2015

GAFE is Here!

It has been quite a busy month.  Library/Tech classes have started for the sixth grade.  Students are excited to get into the computer lab and start learning.  We are using Google Apps for Education (GAFE) as a learning platform this year.  The students are given school based email accounts and use those to go to an online classroom where they are able to access, complete and turn-in assignments.  The beauty is, they are able to access their accounts from anywhere on any device that has internet access! No more lost, crumpled or left in locker papers!

The GAFE Pilot at the Middle School is also expanding to include other teachers and subjects.  I will be working with both social studies teachers to implement these productivity tools into their existing curriculum.  Teachers using GAFE also include seventh grade social studies; eighth grade English, health and eighth grade science.  We are excited and ready for the opportunity to incorporate this educational technology into our school culture.  Check back for updates on the progress of the different projects!

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